The chef Inclasificable y autodidacta

Toni Simoes

Toni Simôes (1983) defines himself as self-taught. Although he learnt the basics of traditional cooking alongside Santi Santamaria, he acknowledges an admiration for famous chefs such as Joan Roca or Eneko Atxa, and seeks inspiration in books by leading French chefs. Toni enjoys reinventing traditional cooking and admits he is “happier making a good pâté than working with a molecule.” He loves traditional cuisine, but nobody expects conventional dishes on his menus, or anything you might find in another restaurant.

The son of a chef and restauranteur, he became involved in the family business aged just 14. He never enjoyed studying, but saw the kitchen as a place for creation. He trained at the Barcelona school of catering, learned in kitchens in Menorca and Formentera, and, later, in Can Fabes. This experience would forever brand his cooking with two seals: homage to products and updated, classic dishes. In 2006, along with his brother Manuel, he embarked on a new adventure by opening their own business, and La Taverna was born, where he gave free reign to his creativity. After the public success, the awards followed, as Best Young Chef for 2014, and the Sol Repsol Prize in 2015.

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