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The basic ingredients of La Taverna del Clínic’s cuisine are of the highest quality. “The best in Barcelona,” chef Toni Simôes boldly suggests. He works only with small suppliers who oversee and select the fine details of the best vegetables, fish, truffles and mushrooms. He lets nature, with its seasons and climate, dictate the menu.

La Taverna’s fish arrives each day from the Finisterre coast, where Roberto sets out in the early hours to fish, with just his rod. The mini-vegetables and sprouts grow in little ecological gardens in Osona and La Estrada (Galicia). This little town also provides La Taverna’s eggs, with a flock of free-range chickens raised with just vegetables and corn. The mushrooms, always homegrown, are selected by the Puig de Centelles family, second generation professional mushroom pickers, who all pick and sell the very best. The list, which could be endless, reflects a select group of suppliers.