The restaurant

La Taverna del Clínic is the result of the sacrifice and the talent of a family with a long tradition in gastronomy. In 2006, the brothers Toni and Manu Simôes founded this little gastronomic nook just a few steps away from the restaurant their father managed since 1973, in the very heart of the Eixample neighborhood.


Toni Simôes attended the Culinary Arts School of Barcelona to become a chef, but it was when working side by side with Santi Santamaria that he developed his signature and personality in the kitchen. A lover of the renovated classic cuisine and French tradition, in 2014 he was chosen as the “Best Young Chef of Catalonia” by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy. One year later, the Repsol Guide awarded La Taverna del Clínic with a “Sun”, which has since been awarded each following year. The award-winning wine cellar, with more than a hundred references, won the Cartaví awards in 2013 and 2014, earning the title as the best wine cellar in Barcelona.


The greatest award that La Taverna del Clínic has ever earned is its loyal customers, which lead us to expand the restaurant in 2016. We then created two different spaces: La Taverna and the Restaurant of La Taverna, which includes two private rooms, one next to the wine cellar and the other next to the kitchen.