The menu Innovative tradition

The menu

La Taverna’s range of cuisine cannot be labelled. In his early years, Toni Simôes made a name for himself with his tapas and creative dishes, always using the finest products. This gave rise to the classics that remain on the menu, such as the legendary patatas bravas – the recipient of many prizes -, the mushroom and foie cannelloni or the pâté with caramelised apple.

Nowadays, the restaurant that was born as a tavern offers first class cuisine. Classic dishes always reinvented with new preparations and surprising combinations. Toni Simôes uses exclusive products and traditional dishes to elevate cuisine to a unique, non-transferable level. His kitchen is like no other, and this could be his secret.

His fish dishes, such as cod with cockles and wholegrain rice and algae, red tuna fillet in miso soup or spider crab cannelloni filled with spider crab are particularly noteworthy. His highlights also include some unique ‘surf n’ turf’ dishes: scallops with chestnuts and pig trotters, crispy suckling pig with lobster, mini-squid with bacon, etc. Other delicacies, such as the shrimp volcano on a layer of beetroot cream, cockles with fugu, glazed sweetbread or truffle surprise, which appears to be something different. All with a healthy dose of creativity and using top quality ingredients, with everything made at La Taverna. The desserts, such as the famous Macallan Whisky and Chocolate surprise, and the bread, baked freshly after each sitting.

The La Taverna menu and tasting menu are constantly evolving in line with nature, the seasons, and Toni Simôes’ creative ideas.